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  • Despite the difficulties, there has been continuous progress made in the path towards ETH 2.0. In May 2020, “Schlesi Testnet”, a multi-client Ethereum 2.0 testnet was launched, marking a huge step towards the realization of ETH 2.0.

  • With the new documentation released for the Heartwood upgrade, Zcash is aiming for higher adoption through enhanced third party integration by providing light client solution and easier cross-chain communication. In addition, the update also provides better privacy features, allowing miners to mine directly into a shielded address.

  • Utilizing “pegzones”, Cosmos could potentially achieve blockchain interoperability with Zcash. Partnering with each other, the teams are attempting to merge the privacy features of Zcash into the Cosmos ecosystem. Heterogeneous cross-chain protocol, Polkadot, a key competitor of Cosmos Hub, also launched its first Chain Candidate, a key step towards its mainnet launch.

  • In the latest update, IPFS protocol made a big breakthrough, offering faster content discovery, faster file adding process and transfers.

  • There are still multiple security incidents occurring across exchanges, dApps, and public blockchains.

Public Blockchain: Top 10

Launch of “Schlesi Testnet”, the Latest Step Toward Eth 2.0

Testnet Launch☆☆☆

  • Schlesi is a multi-client Ethereum 2.0 testnet, while the previously launched first testnet Topaz is an in-house project by Prysmatic labs and is only supported by the company

  • Both clients-Lighthouse and Prysm have synced with Schlesi and are actively validating the network

Zcash and Cosmos Plan for Convergence with New Features

Partnership Achieved☆☆

  • Zcash plans to bring its privacy features to the Cosmos ecosystem and create a greater connection between both chains

  • Cosmos will utilize “pegzones” to add an anonymity layer to cross-chain transactions, which will allow shielding assets, transfers and staking across the two blockchains

Zcash Released Documentation for ZEC 3.0.0

Code Release☆☆

  • This release will support the Heartwood activation on mainnet, which will occur in mid-July

  • Heartwood network upgrade will deploy: 1) ZIP 213: allow miners to mine directly into shielded addresses; 2) ZIP 221: enables Flyclient support by changing the semantics of existing block header fields

Public Blockchain: Others

IPFS Published the Largest Update 0.5.0 to IPFS Protocol

Protocol Updates☆☆

  • Faster content discovery: thanks to the improvements of DHT logic, routing and providing are 2-3x faster

  • Speedy files transfers: the file transfer mechanism Bitswap has made sharing data between many nodes much faster

  • Faster file adding: using the Badger data store, it’s up to 2x faster to add files to the IPFS network

  • Faster and more reliable mutable links: using a new experimental pubsub transport, the Inter-Planetary Name System (IPNS) provides faster naming lookups and record distribution

Polkadot’s First “Chain Candidate” CC1 Goes Live

Pre-Mainnet Launch☆☆☆

  • CC1 offers many features that will be part of Polkadot’s mainnet

  • CC1 provides two key features: Claims & attestation and staking

Blockchain Adoption in Traditional Industries

Financial Industry

  • Partnering with Ripple, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) leveraged on RippleNet to upgrade its mobile app SCB Easy for the launch of its “Outward Remittance Service”. (Ripple; Partnership achieved☆☆)

  • Nasdaq partnered with distributed ledger technology provider R3 to offer a platform for digital asset marketplace. The platform will help clients move from traditional ways of issuing, trading and settling financial instruments to new blockchain enabled mechanisms. (R3; Partnership achieved☆☆)

  • SEBA Bank (a leading integrated bank for digital and traditional asset services headquartered in Switzerland) and Tokensoft (a leading technology platform in US), entered into a strategic partnership for asset tokenization. (STO; Partnership achieved☆)

Social Network

  • Fuel Labs released a demo of Reddit Cash using Fuel’s optimistic rollup for secure and scalable use of the Reddit Community Points. The demo allows users to convert their Reddit Community Points to Moons & Bricks points (cryptocurrency), users can then transfer these points to the Fuel sidechain. Once completed, users can then tip, transact and transfer these points to other users at a low cost and swap them using the non-custodial Uniswap style exchange. (ETH Sidechain; Demo released☆)

Security Incidents


  • Youbi and BitSG encountered DDOS attack.☆

  • LMEX and UEX were hacked, more than 150K USD was stolen.☆☆


  • EOS gambling game Felix was hacked by fake EOS, hundreds of thousands of EOS lost.☆

Public Blockchain

  • Serious bugs were found in Filecoin’s code, which could lead to endless additional issuance of Filecoin tokens.☆

Note:Top 10 refers to the marketcap rank indicated in coinmarketcap on 2020/5/31

Importance level:low-☆; medium-☆☆; high-☆☆☆

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